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Multi Ch. Fly Me To The Moon des Fleurs d' Aloes (Fly)

After Sunny she is our best balanced  coton.She is a really french madamoiselle! Great player,allvays ready for a little running ....
Her best friend Alica.They to sleep allways together. Her full sister ,Leloo in French ,the great hope of her breeder,Sandy Lejeune.
Fly is a very lifeful rubberball..... She is a good friends all of our cotons. 
Fly 24 cm high and 5,8 kg weight.With complett sciccor bite.

 Showresults     :  Austrian- ,Hungarian- ,Croatian és German (VDH) Junior Champion                                                                                  Hungarian Champion, Croatian Champion                                         2012 may. 18. German Cotonklubshow , Res.CAC                       2012 may. 19. WDS Salzburg , Res.CAC                                       2012   may 20. World Club Show ANIF, Res. CAC                            2012 Euro Dog Show winner of open class
Winner of Reggio Calabria 2012    
Zagreb Winner 2012