2013-03-30 08:55

2 weeks the "C" litter
2013-03-20 23:28

Was born the "C" litter
2013-03-07 08:48

5. marc. in daybreak arriveds the new CARBONEBIANCO babies! 4 girls and 1 boy.

Ljubljana 2013 and Padova 2013
2013-01-24 10:20

Litters of 2013 march.
2012-12-15 13:27

Our planned litters for spring: 
  1.              Fly Me To The Moon des Fleurs d'Aloes

      Junior Champion of Slovenia,Junior Champion of Austria
 VDH /German/ Junior Champion,Junior Championo of Hungary
  Champion of Hungary,Champion of Croatia,Champion of Italy
2012 Salzburgi WDS: in Open Class Exc. 2.Res.CACA
   2012 Bukarest EDS: in Open Class Exc. 1. CAC
                                    11 x Junior CAC
                                         10 x CAC
                                         8 x CACIB
                                           7 x BOB


                   Casanova Snowy Little Bear of Woodland Cottage (Bambino)
                   Champion UKC (USA) , Champion of Canada
                               Champion of Palma de Majorca



                         Multi CH Cotonbrie Donna Summer
                                              25 x CAC
                              18 x CACIB , 3 x Res.CACIB
                                              22 x BOB                                                                   Junior Champion of Slovachia,Czech Junior Champion                 Roman Junior Champion,Junior Champion of Hungary,Junior Champion                       of Austria,Junior Champion of Slovenia                   
         Champion of Hungary,Champion of Austria,Roman Champion
     Champion of Slovachia,Champion of Slovenia,Champion of Croatia

     With the male of Fleurs d'Aloes kennel. After he was born many Champion. Ever Smiling des Fleurs d'Aloes
     , Ghost Face des Fleurs d'Aloes......
                 Dr. DEREK DU CLOS D'ATHENA                                      6 point "ELITE A" in French.


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