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The Sicylian show 2012
2012-10-30 16:44

27. and 28 o october organized the Italian Society a International Show and a Special Breedshow in Sicilia, in Messina.
Saturday Fly won the CAC, CACIB and the Best of Breed (BOB) results and also won the Special Show.
Fresbee won the CAC and the CACIB results and also won the Special Show.
Sunday Fly won the CAC and the CACIB results and Fresbee won the CAC,CACIB and the Best of Breed (BOB) results.
Fly and Fresbee made the great step for a Italian Champion titel.

Euro Dog Show 2012 Bucharest
2012-10-11 21:57


FLY ME TO THE MOON DES FLEURS D'ALOES open class winner female 2012 Euro Dog Show

     További eredményeink:       BiBi              Puppy female class Very Promising II.
                                                  ALICA          Intermediate female class Excellent II. Res.CAC
                                                  JAGGER      Junior male class Excellent II. Res.JCAC
                                                  FRESBEE    Intermediate male class Excellent II. Res.CAC

World Dog Show 2012 Salzburg (Austria)
2012-06-12 17:31

The OEKV in this year organised the World Dog Show in Salzburg (Austria).
Was entered 25000 dogs in different breeds and in different classes.(84 coton de tulear)
All important breeders started in this great show.Cotonbrie,Mi-Toi,Fleurs d'Aloes,Jespersen and the others ....
Our cotons won some nice results in this strong field .....

       Rhapsody in White of Woodland Cottage
                 In intermediate class: Exc.III.


      Fly Me To The Moon des Fleurs d'Aloes
              In open class: Exc.II. Res.CAC

                  Cotonkiss Swagger Jagger
                         Promised Puppy






2012-06-02 14:45

 Coton de Tulear Verein e.V. 18.05.2012  Cotonconference and  Klubshow with Slovenia,Slovachia,Czeh Republik,Poland,Austria,Germany,Danmark,Sveden,USA,Canada,Spain,France und Hungary.Thank You for Anne Vischer                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                Clubwinner Puppy
                      Judge: Mr. Luis Ortiz (Puertorico)


                     COTONBRIE FRESBEE   

             In Junior Class: Exc. II. , Res.JCAC  
               Judge:Mr. Luis Ortiz (Puertorico)
            1.Gonzo the Great du Courrier des Iles (F)
            Breeder +Owner: Myriam Gavet-Lafargue
            3.Sidus Jack Daniels    (S)
                      Breeder: Christina Berggren
                          Owner: Linda Berggren

              In Open Class: Exc.II. Res.CAC

             Judge: Mr.Luis Ortiz (Puertorico)

    1. Hello Tiffany von Hessen zu Dornheim (D)
     Breeder +Owner:Anne Dammer-Wylenzek
    3. Vanilla Sky du Domaine de la Rouviere
      Owner:Claudette Sury & Marc van Herzeele
    4. Muguiris Fiona  (E)
               Breeder:Maite Dominguez
        Owner: Beatrix Rodriguez Gonzalez


                RHAPSODY in WHITE of
                 WOODLAND COTTAGE
       In intermediate class: Exc. II. Res.CAC

1. Fabulous Feeling des Jardins de Gossypium (F)
           Breeder and Owner: Lydie Vincent                 3. Cotonbrie Fiby Fantasy (D) Breeder:Eli de Luca
                     Owner: Claudia Menger