Innsbruck 2013 International Dog Show
2013-08-12 16:40

Double International Dog Show 2013 Innsbruck (Austria / EUROPA)
11 entered cotons (Fleurs d'Aloes , Haut Marais , Swiftcoton , Mi-Toi's , White Sweethearts , Clos d'Emma and Carbone Bianco) from great kennels ...
Saturday : CARBONEBIANCO BRIGITTE BARDOT (BiBi) Exc.1. Junior Winner and BOS
Sunday : same results Exc.1. Junior Winner , Best Female and BOS
BiBi now Junior Champion of Austria
She finished the showcarrier in Junior Class and will start for some adult champion titel

Woodland Cottage & Carbone Bianco
2013-07-20 22:58

After 2,5 years searching Micky choiced we for take away his 32  years work with the cotons.
We are very-very proud from this honour !!!!
Micky travelled personally to Hungary (for the WDS 2012 of Budapest) for chekking the new home of the Woodland cotons.
The first coton (on the basis of our contract),Manureva arrived to Hungary in march and the handling of Micky she won the World Winner Baby 2012 titel.
In this days we arrived from Spain,from Micky with Arles (the father of our Alica) and with Aischa.
Maybe in november will arrive the last Woodland coton (Flóra - the mather of Manureva) to our home.
Micky with this take to our hands his 32 years work ......  ,but she also in the future help we in the breeding work.

Our planned litters of this year
2013-07-04 15:43

The end of juny Bambino mated again our Fly baby !

                  Fly Me To The Moon des Fleurs d'Aloes

      Junior Champion of Slovenia,Junior Champion of Austria
 VDH /German/ Junior Champion,Junior Championo of Hungary
  Champion of Hungary,Champion of Croatia,Champion of Italy
2012 Salzburgi WDS: in Open Class Exc. 2.Res.CACA
   2012 Bukarest EDS: in Open Class Exc. 1. CAC
                                    11 x Junior CAC
                                         10 x CAC
                                         8 x CACIB
                                           7 x BOB


                   Casanova Snowy Little Bear of Woodland Cottage (Bambino)
                   Champion UKC (USA) , Champion of Canada
                               Champion of Palma de Majorca


Jagger mated our Alica 25 juny 2013

Chloé and Cleopatra available
2013-05-29 10:32

The little Chloé with wonderful character and complett sciccors bite available for show or breeding.
Cleopatra is a very nice character and amazing color.

WDS 2013 Budapest
2013-05-22 10:55

Budapest 18/05/2013   WORLD DOG SHOW with a polish judge,Mrs. Opara .............................

                                                               with the COTONGRANDMA, MICKY CERIEZ