Aischa of Woodland Cottage (Cha-Cha)
Arles of Woodland Cottage (Boy-Boy)
Carbonebianco Kiko
Carbonebianco Kincsem
Carbonebianco Quentin
HCH Cotonkiss Swagger Jagger (Jagger)
Lillywhite's Flor Amazing Grace (Flora)
Multi Ch. Cotonbrie Donna Summer (Sunny)
Multi Ch. Cotonbrie Fresbee Carbonebianco (Fresbee)
Multi Ch. Fly Me To The Moon des Fleurs d' Aloes (Fly)
Multi Ch. Rhapsody in White of Woodland Cottage (Alica)
Multi Ch.Carbonebianco Brigitte Bardot (BiBi)
Multi Ch.Carbonebianco Manureva of Woodland Cottage (Manu)