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Micky Cerieztől (Woodland Cottage) a Carbonebianco kennelnek
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From Woodland Cottage to Carbonebianco -cotons de
by Micky Ceriez

After so many years breeding cotons , 33 years exactly , I need to stop breeding because old
age ...lol... and mostly heavy arthrose , so let us remind the story of my live with cotons …
 I begin to surch for my first puppies in 1980 , and find one adult female my Rosa lee de
Guitelione , with which I could begin immediately to breed, I just had to ask for one of
the best male from the moment to spend a few weeks in my home, while her owner was in
hollydays , he liked the hollydays as Rosa lee was a very very hot female, and that has give
me very quickly my first litter...
It was also easy to find a jong female Sarah and much more difficult to find the best male
that was the most important of all for my breeding projects , my great U. Hutchinson du
Domaine de Manakarra , … Visiting a few shows, there was almost no cotons in any shows,
and when there where , I find them as ugly and far from the standard as possible, but I have
seen in Paris the world champion 82 James, and he was just smashing (see his picture, )
also on the shows, where 2 beautifull jong females , from Manakarra , rose Globule and
Saranoya , small, very feminine , good pigment ,long typical coat all white …. what seems
to be quite rare on that moment ….so I went to the owner of the 2 females and say that I
want something form her 2 girls but with only James, as she was also intented to use him
deal was done, and waiting for the litters, when they born ... there was only one pretty little
male and when I went to get him in Paris, he was dying form Parvo...so ...have to begin
again and as I did not find any other parensts that could suite me, I just had to wait another
year to can have the 2 litters , and on that moment for my great chance there was 2 puppies
male beautifull, petit ours and hutchinson, the breeder push me petit ours, but my hart fall
immedialty for Hutchinson, she say I make a mistake , I dont know the breed as well as she
does , and if I dont take petit ours she would keep him for her and beat me in shows...ok I
take the risk I want hutchinson ….(I have for the moment my multichampion Usa canada
and Europa Bambino that pedigree name is casanova snowy litle bear of woodland cottage ,
that means the same as petit ours in French and I call bambino this way in memories of the
poor petit ours that was very pretty and fall in a terrible breeder that kill her dogs when they
can not breed anymore, I always regret to not have take the 2 males ...but it is to late for
regrets...) First show I meet with uthchinson in the ring Petit ours and the breeder, I beat
him, and the breeder was so mad that she refuse to stay behind number 2,...second show
Brussel. The same, and she never came against me after and sell Petit ours to Switzerland ,
where the poor baby spend his all live in a cage ….
I hate that way to breed, my cotons have hteir own place in my home, to sleep and share my
live all the time, that always give them a great sociabilization that I begin before they open
their eyes , let them smell me , to know the smell of human …
Well my dear Hucthinson turned 3 times World champion , in Amsterdam , Vienna and
Perou .lima ….also turn 28 times champion of different countries, to much to tell you
see my webiste ...after Hutchinson I had a great male that I produced with daugther of
Hutchinson , L komba Vazaha ( which is supose to mean ( little white stranger in Malagassy
language ) Komba turn 2 times World champion and so many titels also, he had a longer
coat than hutchinson , and more white as he was born all white ...male number 3 – 4 - 5 and
6 , where Ithalique – Feel Me See me , and finally Qalamity kid and Virus expo , Qalamity
will always stay for me the bets male I ever had , before Basmbino that I must say is even
better because longer coat but same good bones, muscles, and powerfull masculine boy …
as smart , intellignet quick to understand orders and a great actor in the rings .
I bring Qalamity Kid to world show in Argentina in Buenos aires the day of his
first anniversary he turned, World champion junior and Best of Breed beating all the
adults...yepee !!!!!. What a beginning ,,,it was 93 , and he won also World show switzerland
Berne 94 and Belgium Brussel 95 all the 3 times Best of Breed, I had such a connection                                                                   with him, ( and also a female called Cherrye ) those 2 seems to undertsand what I ask and
what I wanted without that I had to say it , as we know each other so well, from working
together ...Kid turned 18 times champion of different countries, and cherrye 31 times
champion and also Best of Breed at european show at 11 years old, ( which is only 77 years
for a woman ...lol...) and 3 times World Champion , always beating poor Komba because
she had such a great presence and she was so proud in the rings, she always wear her head
very much up and one time one French judge say to me to stop to pull on the leash , I say
to her I dont pull she walk like that alone , ok she said than do it without the leash , so I let
the leash go on the floor and cherrye walk against me the same way with her head totally
up as possible, the judge was so surprise, and that day , she make the best of the French
clubmatch on 136 cotons , and she was in jong class ...what a great day , I was so stress
to enter in the ring against the best male that was the champion male ,a s I kew she was
soooo good, that I forget to breath ...lol... my cherrye was trougth in the air after that I was
so happy and she could feel it and she was as happy as I was---What a great coton, unlucky
she never give me a great puppy what ashame …
The best moment from my career was when in Dortmund World show 92 , where I went
with 4 cotons, with the 4 classes covered , jong female Florina -jong male Fripounet –
adult female Cherrye – adult male Komba , and make the best with each because there was                                                                  2 different judges for the jong and adults and they did not realize they pick up my 4 dogs ,
when I enter in the ring for the Best of Breed, they tougth there was a mistake because I
enter with 4 dogs ...they say , no no just your best, but so it was …
 I was the star of the big ring that day ,for all the press of the entire world that notice
on the big board in the ring that somewhone as make the 4 titels entering 4 cotons on 48
participants, I had to stay 45 minutes in a corner of the big ring for all the press from the
world to have a picture of that event , and in the meantime my poor husband that did not                                                                   see me coming out the ring, tougth I was lost again ...as I always loose my way every where
because I dont have any sense of direction .
I did again the 4 best in Buenos Aires World Show in Argentina but it was easier there...not
so many cotons .
I have make 33 World titels, some in jong some vice world and the last one, in 2013
presenting for my future partner Francisco aka Ferenc Remeneyi the last litle female that I
sold him named Manureva of woodland cottage- daugther of Flora amazing grace and my
great champion Bambino (see picture with Francesco and me and Manureva in Budapest 28
may 2013)
Apart my World champions titel, the best I like on my carrer is to have some dogs that has
make the Best of all breed for the year in their country beginning with :
Us mozart of woodland cottage , best dog all breed of the year in Usa arba
opale irisee of woodland cottage best puppy all breed of the Year arba usa
Queen Sheba of woodland cottage 2 th best all breed of the year arba usa
Norwegian Symphony best all breed of the year in Norway
Hutchinson 2th best in Belgium all breed of the year
Vaya con Dios of woodland cottage , best imported dog all breed of the year in U. Kingdom
Fitiviana of woodland cottage – 2th best dog all breed in Spain of the year
and Ithalique 4 th best dog all breed arba of the year in USA
I must thanks all the people that had believed in me and my dogs, present them in shows
making their reputation and mine for my beautifull dogs , all the judges that have like and
placed my dogs , presenting by me for some years and after or in the meantime presentend
by their owners , some judges say me that my cotons where so beautifull so perfect that they
sometimes seems to be another breed than their concurents . But perfection is the way I was
broth up by my father, and that is the way I try to always go better and better, going to get
sometimes cotons from other breeders that had follow a good line breeding to mixed with
my lines , and having the results you can see.
Now that the time was arrived to stop breeding , what a pitty to stop woodland cottage as
my Fci name can only be given to my husband that die 9 years ago or to my only son ...that
is totally not interested, so the most I could do is to find the best breeder to go on with my
lines without my name , but with the blood of my dogs that are now for breeding all tested
for all genetical diseas and all free from all those problems ,. but also a breeder that would
treated my cootns the way they are used, having a great live tenderness and love .
 I surch for a long time before I met Francisco and Barbara from Carbonebianco in Budapest
Hungary . I met them when they came to buy their first female called Alika of woodland
Cottage that has make miracles in shows, vice World jong champion in Paris and so may
times champion, a female to take your breath away ….Alica give Carbonebianco a female
multichampion also called Brigitte Bardo, as beautifull and champion as her mother, so
Francisco came for matings for Bambino 2 times....and will come again next year with
Alica !!!!what a litter this will make in 2014 ...he came back to buy litle Manureva , World
champion puppy 2013 , so he already had a lot of my dogs from my lines in his staff,.
I visit his place and was deligted with the installation and the way they work , Barbara
keeping all dogs in coat , taking so good care of the babies , wanting to keep all their cotons
to the end and having such a cute family of have 3 boys , 15 years 2 years and 4 years , so
sweet and well educated that make great socialization for the babies .
They have a great run outside for the dogs , for the good weather, and another covered
if it rains , that visit was the last point I needed to see to decide to give him the 3 adults I
still had Aischa a female . Boyboy aka Arles a great great male that I had so difficult to
recuperate the qualities from Louxor trougth a mating of on eof his champion son Van Gogh
 , and soon will Flora that had her last litter here for the moment on the name of woodland
cottage , will go also with them , will be happy running an playing together all the day
outside in grass and flowers , grass that I was missing here in Spain as my plot is rocks and
not flat , there they will be playing with the kids and the family . I am so happy to have
find them to have my dogs and to go on with my lines , even if there still is in the world and
mostly in Usa - a few breeder that have so many of my dogs and that will also follow the
name .
But how it is difficult to stop after 33 years dedicated to the coton, so the best thing for me
to do will be to follow the carrer of the babies of my cotons in the home of Francesco , and
to finally write a book over the breed for everybody that buy a baby coton for pet ….
My project is after on based on that first book to write a second book for the specialist of
the breed, breeders , judges etc ….that want to learn form my very long experience in the
breed, while I still can remember...lol... , and put all the pictures and event I have lived, ,
will be with a chapter for mating. Breeding . Showing . Show rules, grooming and the best
….the situation and history of the breed with the pictures of all the biggest champions in
every country of the World .( for which I will need the help of everybody and the club of
each country ) I count on you all !!!
So I wish and hope that my lines will go on winning , and that the breed will stay healty
and beautifull in the hands of the most honest breeders that will not try to win politicly
or change the standard the way there dogs could be , but to honestly try to breed for the
best of the breed , following the official Fci standard , and for the best of the health and
temperament of our delightfull breed the Coton de Tulear form Madagascar

Micky Ceriez …
Proud forever to be Woodland Cottage and to past the hand to Francisco in

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2013 augusztus 27-én megszülettek Fly baby (Multi Ch. FLY ME TO THE MOON DES FLEURS D'ALOES) és Bambino ( USA Ch. , Canadai Ch. CASANOVA SNOWY LITTLE BEAR OF WOODLAND COTTAGE) kiskutyái.
3 szuka és 2 kan. Mindegyik egészséges és tele életerővel.Fly nagyon ügyes anya.Az első balszerencsés ellése után (két halott kölyök)
fél évvel nagyon izgultunk,hogy mennyire lesz jó anya.
Hamarosan további képek is megtekinthetőek az almok rovatban.

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2013 augusztus 24-én este 8 és 9 óra között megszülettek Alica és Jagger kiskutyái.Ők a "D"alom.
2 kislány és 3 fiú.Mindegyik egészséges.
Fekete jegyekkel a fejükön születtek,ami biztosítja a tőkéletes pigmentációt,viszont a fekete fejfoltok minden esetben 8-10 hónapos korúkra eltűnnek.Ez a szerencsés színörökítés Jagger apjától,Uniquementtől jön.
1 lányt és 1 fiút már lefoglaltak.Jelenleg 1 lány és 2 fiú kölyök szabad. Elsősorban kiállítási célra!